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Federal Governments new $4 billion dental scheme.  

TOOWOOMBA dental hygienist Marie McCormack is looking forward to brightening the smiles of her clients thanks to the Federal Governments new $4 billion dental scheme.  

Ms McCormack, who owns Toowoomba dental practice Toothbrush Land, said the funding was a step in the right direction in educating children on proper dental hygiene.  

The package, due to be launched in 2014, is will include $2.7 billion for children in families receiving the Family Tax Benefit Part A, to the tune of $500 a year.  

"The stats show that only 45 per cent of people actually receive dental treatment," Ms McCormack said.  "There is no denying a large part of this is due to the costs associated.  

"The government has recognised that there is a link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body, and the younger we get people educated on this, the better off everyone will be in the long run."  

Article that appeared in The Toowoomba Chronicle 30 August 2012 


Toowoomba dentist saving teeth without tears

MOST eight-year-olds can't wait to get out of the dentist's chair.

But Nikolai Bradley said he would be counting down to his next visit to Toothbrush Land.

The Rockville clinic has recently expanded its kid-specific facilities as a way to reduce fear and anxiety around what can be a dreaded appointment.

Article that appeared in The Toowoomba Chronicle 9 May 2014