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Children's Dentistry

A positive experience for children

The practice values the opportunity to treat the children. We advise parents to introduce their child/children to professional dental care from the age of three. This may include watching a parent have their teeth cleaned or having the child’s teeth cleaned counted and polished with a soft brush. The experience is a positive one and is encouraged with each subsequent appointment. This process of familiarisation allows your child to grow with little or no anxiety towards the benefits of preventative dental care.

Prevention of Dental Caries/Tooth Decay

Dental Caries is a transmissible bacterial disease – it can be passed from one person to another eg Mother to child.

There are certain risk factors that make children predisposed to developing dental caries. These risk factors are high sugary and acidic diet, inadequate and ineffective tooth brushing, no fluoride protection and not accessing the dentist or therapist and hygienist on a regular basis.

A healthy mouth is linked to a healthy body.

For a healthy mouth you must have healthy teeth and gums - to have healthy teeth and gums you must have a healthy diet and an effective daily tooth brushing routine.

‘Tooth friendly’ healthy diet - food and drink tips:

  • Encourage health snacks such as dairy products, unsalted popcorn, fruit and vegetables in place of sugary snacks
  • Keep healthy snacks readily available for children to eat
  • Limit the intake of acidic drinks such as soft drinks (diet and regular), sports drinks, fruit drinks, fruit juices, cordials – don’t sip on them too long and limit how often you have them
  • Drink water! (Note: not all bottled water has fluoride to help prevent tooth decay)

Effective daily tooth brushing

  • The home care routine is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Children six (6) and under should have their teeth brushed by an adult twice a day using an age appropriate fluoride toothpaste. Children seven (7) and over should have their tooth brushing supervised by an adult until twelve (12). Always remember that children learn so much just by imitating their parents. Always use a soft tooth brush and spit tooth paste out do not rinse.
  • When tooth brushing is done by an adult make sure you the child is in a comfortable position and not tired. The adult must be able see the teeth and gums. There are two options either placing the child on your lap or sitting down and facing the child. Then using a soft brush clean all surfaces of the teeth and gums ( each tooth has five sides). The tooth brushing technique is important so use a small circular motion to clean and massage all teeth surfaces and gums.
  • If the child is assessed as high risk to dental caries an antibacterial product will be recommended. Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial agent which helps remove the bacteria responsible for dental caries/tooth decay. Chlorhexidine gel is available for purchase at this practice. The gel should be applied twice per week for best results.

A positive experience for children

At Toothbrush Land we have recently expanded our kid-specific facilities as a way to reduce fear and anxiety around what can be a dreaded appointment. We have introduced a dinosaur chair, moving toy animals and cartoons playing on a television screen aimed to distract kids and demystify the experience.

Putting children at ease is about more than just the physical environment. We love the little people - that's our forte, and we hope to build the experience for them. The fun factor is really important, and that the kids see how things work allays their fears.

Children's Dentistry & Covid-19

It is safe to visit, as the dental industry is very good at maintaining high infection control standards.

To comply with social distancing requirements, only one adult per child's appointment is permitted.

All visitors to the practice will be required to wash their hands for 20 seconds and your temperature will be taken and recorded.

DO NOT attend if you have any flu like symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Runny Nose
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Shortness of Breath

Or if you have:

  • Travelled overseas in the last 14 Days
  • Associated with anyone who has tested positive to Covid-19