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Preventative Dentistry

Hygienist & periodontal (gum) care

Preventative dentistry – At Toothbrush Land a Dental Hygienist is on hand for education and regular maintenance of teeth and gum care.

Prevention is a primary focus of the practice and the Dental Hygienist is a key part of making this possible.

Dental hygiene begins with an assessment and evaluation of your teeth and gums.

An ideal home dental care routine is designed for your needs. To enhance your home care routine assistance and monitoring is provided by oral hygiene instructions, removal of plaque, calculus (tartar) removal of general staining eg smoke, wine, coffee and tea and the application of decay preventing agents as required. This practice uses the Airflow removal stain system because it makes a dramatic difference to the teeth in a short space of time.

If you are undergoing general, restorative or cosmetic treatment a revised home care routine will be designed for you and monitored as the treatment progresses. This ensures the best possible outcome.

Regular hygiene appointments ideally every six (6) months, along with optimum home care, ensure ongoing maintenance and care of your teeth and gums.